Cleaning the windows is an arduous process in the best of times. When you are dealing with big bay windows that seem to cover all the walls, it can get even more daunting. This is why most of us go for Hollywood window cleaning agency. But it is also important that you choose the right agency. The last thing you want is someone incompetent who leaves the windows stained with marks!

So, here is our checklist of requirements from a window cleaning agency:

Insurance: Without the right safety gear, window cleaning can be a really risky job, particularly if your cleaner is tasked with cleaning windows that are installed on higher stories. In fact, even with safety measures, accidents are possible because of sheer carelessness. This is why many agencies are protected through proper insurance against accidents. Check if your agency has the same insurance. Otherwise, as the owner of the premises where the accident occurred, you could end up with a fat hospital bill.

Experience: You may think window cleaning is something your kid could manage, but the truth is that every job needs proper know-how. An experienced window cleaner will know the difference between different glasses and work accordingly, using the right cleaning solutions. A good cleaner will also know the skill of cleaning glass without leaving behind smudges or sweeping marks.

More importantly, an experienced cleaner will lookout for the little signs that make window cleaning more than what it is, such as signs of worm infestation or mildew, rotting frames and more. These are signs that something is wrong and that you may need immediate action. By acting in time, you can avoid bigger damages.

The right tools: Ask the agency if they have the right solutions and tools. You don’t want someone who just turns up with detergent water and sponge. Professional cleaners use a whole array of tools including scrapers and squeegees. Some glasses like lead panes may need special solutions. In addition, you may also require the cleaner to get equipment like ladders, pole and tool belt.

Budget: This may well be the deciding factor. After all, you do not really require a five-star service with five-star rates (unless that is what you are poking for). But, remember you get what you pay for! A good tip here is to find out the current rates among Hollywood window cleaning agencies.

There is nothing worse than a dirty smudgy window spoiling your view and your room. So, take your time and find a good Hollywood window cleaning agency.