When you hear the term “sports law”, you might immediately think that it’s a law covering a narrow pool of clients such as major sports clubs or professional athletes. Contrary to popular belief, sports law actually has a widejurisdiction. It encompasses the laws and regulationsthat govern both athletes and sports.

Understanding what Sports Law Means

Sports law is a combination of laws which apply to athletes and their respective sports. It has jurisdiction on a variety of matters such as the following:

  1. Commercial Contracts

This encompasses the creation and negotiation of commercial contracts between athletes and brand sponsors. In the competitive market of player drafting, it is important for every player contract to have contractual clauses in place. This is something only an experienced sports lawyer or law firm like Khan law firm can do.

  1. Sports-related Injuries

Although personal injury law deals with injury claims, sports law is a field that specializes in sports-related injuries. A person who has suffered any form of injury from any type of sports can receive compensation to cover his medical bills and expenses.

  1. Setting Up a Sports Club

Sports clubs have to comply with the rules and regulations mandated by sports governing bodies. This normally requires legal requirements which are under the jurisdiction of sports law.

  1. Intellectual Property

Sports law also deals with cases regarding the unauthorized use of trademarks or images in a product commercial or endorsement. It determines who is the rightful owner of any image, poster, and any other products distributed by athletes and sports clubs. Any law firm that deals with sports law such as Khan law firm ensures no copyright is infringed.

The Role of a Sports Lawyer

A sports lawyer’s role is both an agent and a lawyer. He is basically the one who represents the legal and financial interests of his clients. Aside from an athletic trainer and a coach, a sports lawyer is another important personnel any sports team should have.

Typically, sports lawyers have a variety of duties to perform. For example, they need to secure and implement sports contracts, as well as negotiate bonuses and salaries for each athlete. They also resolve any disputes that arise in a contract and defend their clients in court against charges against them for issues like harassment, breach of contract, and others. Lastly, they serve as their client’s spokesperson to the media.

The Average Salary of a Sports Lawyer

On average, a sports lawyer can make around $100,000 to over a million dollars annually. Of course, this will depend on the type of clients and cases he handled. It also depends on his preferred area to practice, with larger cities allowing for higher hourly rates. Lastly, a sports lawyer’s salary is influenced by the size of the club or association he’s working with. Larger firms pay more but also require lawyers to log a large number of hours every year.

The Bottom Line

A sports lawyer might be an underrated profession. However, their importance to the overall operation of any athlete or sports club just can’t be denied.