We present the hottest new looks to try out, and where to get them.

Fashion has always been close to every woman’s heart. It helps shape your personality and defines your image to the outside world. It is done through clothes and accessories, as also your walk and attitude. Every woman’s fashion preferences differ, and so does her style of clothing.

But keeping up with current fashion trends can become tough. Styles change every season, mostly dominated by the leading fashion runways of the world. So instead of making you trawl through fashion glossies to find what’s new, we present the newest trends this season – all you need to do is whip out your women’s online shopping app and pick accordingly:

* See red. Red makes a re-entry on the fashion stakes, with the fiery colour occupying pride of place in blouses and dresses. It is formal enough to wear to work – think of a red shirt over a navy blue skirt and your hair in a chignon – and fun enough for a casual outing (a red dress with a floral pattern for a movie date). Red is also a great option in the gloomy monsoon.

* Get booted. Boots are generally not appropriate footwear for the country, given the nation’s humidity and soaring temperatures most months of the year. But as the monsoons approach and limits your choices for good footwear, boots are the absolute best thing you could adorn. Sartorially too, boots are in at the moment. However, you would have to check out boots in rubber or rubber-plastic blend to combat the rain showers in your city. If its rainwear, then any colour of boots is fine.

* Check it out. Checks are back, and they sure look fine! Checks are always favoured for tops and shirts, but have you bought checked pants for the season? The runways in Milan and New York recently featured checked pants and pinstripes. The trend soon caught on in the West, and has made an entry into our nation as well. You can already spot the trend on celebrities exiting parties and international airports. Depending on the occasion and the venue, pair with a tee (or shirt for the office), ballet flats and your hair let loose. You can buy your entire outfit and accessories from leading apps for online shopping for women.

* ‘Shin’ a light on it. On the subject of pants, we cannot leave this list incomplete without adding an essential item to it: shin-length or ankle length pants. Ditch your formal work pants this season and get on board this fun trend that showcases your slim legs and waist in all their glory. Add to the quirky cut of the pants with suspenders and a half-sleeved shirt, and complete with a cotton blazer. There – you’re prepared for both work presentations and a dinner with friends.

This is just a start for you, so get your favourite app for online shopping for women and start looking up new stuff. It’s time to refresh your wardrobe this season, and we hope we were able to help!