You think about to take hosting service for giving web space to your site. Godaddy always will be the first name in mind. And for small business website GoDaddy 99 domain service will be the best plan. The reason its affordable range with a free domain name for one year. Godaddy gives hosting services for Linux and Windows servers both. Cpanel hosting is best to static HTML built sites. Site built on CMS platform will generate content dynamically so cpanel will not work for these sites properly. There are a number of specialized tools that includes good customer service.

Godaddy has a lot of integrated services and features that increase the performance of your website. Godaddy offers free Microsoft office 365 emails, a free SSL certificate on larger plans and free domain on an annual plan. You are establishing a small business website and looking for a small budget hosting. No other host can be perfect other than Godaddy. Apart from these, there are lots of reasons to take service of it.

Reason to choose a Godaddy web hosting

When you take the name of Godaddy hosting providers, there is no confusion come before taking this service. It is a well-established name in hosting world and has a lot of reasons for every service to taking Godaddy.


We always want to get a performance base result. Godaddy promises it to fulfill. It gives 99.96% uptime with fast loading speed. And speed is so important for SEO rank base and customer experience. The performance will give you the best result with GodaddyCpanel hosting.

Free domain registration

It is the Best service by Godaddy. Most of the person comes here to hosting due to a free domain registration for a year. It has been one of the biggest domain registrars in the world. After one year, when you have to upgrade domain registration. Charges will be a little bit.


With Godaddy plans you will get many of additional tools and features with best perform. Perhaps no other host can provide such service.  Use Cpanel for Linux website and get fastest page loading time. Cpanel gives a lot of advantage; it takes a pride speed to their administration panel. It also allows installing applications.


With domain registration, Godaddy offers also other hosting services also. It offers shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS and WordPress hosting services. All of these services of Godaddy are fully secured and well featured. The performance of Godaddy all services and plans are unbeatable in amount and performance.

Godaddy is the world’s number one hosting provider.  Godaddyrs 99 domain name plan is the well-known and most purchasing plan. It offers to host service in 99 rupees only. Godaddy free domain name service for one year will give you the best budget hosting deal. For small website building, one will get the best deal with this plan. And the reason of choose of Godaddy every service and plan, we have discussed above.