Twists and turns said to stimulate the flow of food through your body. This routine will not only stretch your abs, it is thought that the twists and poses that compress the abdomen can massage internal organs and stimulate digestion. This routine is not recommended for pregnant women.

Safety Warning

If you feel any pain or discomfort, check your alignment, back off a little, or stop. Do not attempt if you are pregnant.

1. Boat Pose

Begin seated on your mat with your knees bent in front of you and your feet flat on the ground.

With your palms facing up, reach your arms forward so that your hands brush the sides of your knees.

Lean back until your torso is at a 45-degree angle to the floor.

Slowly lift your feet off of the ground as you straighten your legs, forming a “V.”

Open your chest and engage your abdominal muscles to hold the position. Remain here for at least three deep breaths.

2. Low Boat Pose

Begin in boat pose.

With your head and shoulders off the ground and pulling your belly button to your spine, lower your middle back toward the ground.

Lower your legs, keeping them together, until your feet are about six inches off the ground.

Engage your abdominals and quadriceps and breathe here for at least three deep breaths.

3. Child’s Pose

Begin in a kneeling position with knees slightly apart.

Crawl your hands forward, your arms long and in front of you.

Allow your torso to relax onto your thighs and your forehead to rest on the ground. Breathe here for at least three deep breaths.

4. Plank Pose

Begin on hands and knees.

Step your feet back, toes tucked, so that your shoulders line up with your wrist creases. Get a good spread of your fingers. Feet are hip’s distance apart.

Slight chin tuck, keep your cervical spine in-line with your body. Pull your belly button to your spine and energetically reach back through your heels as you reach forward through the crown of your head. Breathe here for at least three deep breaths.